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It's time to free the vote.

This past spring, Washington passed a bill that will automatically restore voting rights to people with felony convictions immediately after they finish their prison terms. This means that starting January 1, 2022, every citizen who is not in prison will be allowed to vote, even while on community supervision.


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United for Restoration

Equity. Humanity. History. Accountability. Transparency. Strategy. Community. Empowerment.

The Washington State Voting Rights Restoration Coalition is a community of people and organizations who are seeking justice for our families and neighbors impacted by our criminal justice system. We are a coalition that supports the restoration of voting rights to those formerly incarcerated in order to support their successful reintegration into our community. Our priorities align with our core values and thus we are committed to supporting legislation that aligns with our collective values of humanity, empowerment, racial equity, inclusion, and a free democracy.


The Voting Rights Restoration bill has been signed into law! Starting in 2022, every citizen in Washington will be eligible to vote if they are not currently incarcerated. 

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The Latest News

WA Senate must restore voting rights for formerly incarcerated people

Christopher Poulos

A bill before the Legislature would return the right to vote to more than 20,000 Washingtonians living and working throughout the state.

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The right to vote helps rehumanize incarcerated people

Kim Bogucki

After 13 years of hearing thousands of answers and forging hundreds of relationships with people with lived experience, the reality cannot be dismissed: the paths that brought these people into the criminal legal system are often rooted in poverty, racism and inequities in housing, healthcare and education.

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Washington must allow everyone in the community to vote

Sarah Eichhorn

"Today, the Washingtonians who are most impacted by our criminal legal system are the furthest from the power of our democracy."

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Voting Rights Restoration is Critical for Racial Justice

Sedonia Young

Research has shown that when people are civically engaged and have a stake in their community, they are less likely to return to the system.

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Restoration of voting rights will help curb domestic violence

Judy Chen and Kiantha Duncan

We see the right to vote as an expression of our humanity. The value of this expression should not be measured by one’s prior involvement with a criminal legal system that often demonizes victims and perpetrators of crimes.

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Voting critical right for those who have left prison

Kim Jennings

Research has shown voting increases connection with community, reducing the risk of recidivism.

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